Children´s Day in Coexistence Village

Children´s Day in Coexistence Village

On 31st of May 2016 we organized Children´s Day whose theme was spectacular World Tour.

Whole event started by performance of dancers in Roma dresses which lend us Horizont Center and we thank them for that.

The girls who dutifully rehearsed in Low-threshold facility were great and a lot of viewers clapped them. Another point of the programme was performance of Roma band which also develop their talent in Low-threshold facility every Monday. They played five songs and more than one viewer danced in rhythm of songs. We would like to thank by this article to all performers.

However, by performances the programme just started. For children we prepared stations with various tasks and in each of them they had the possibility to meet different culture. They could see e.g. Japanese in kimonos, inhabitants of India, Roma people in traditional dresses, women from Hawaii, Spanish couple and last but not least also three Russian girls, where activity but also traditional Russian headbands which prepared our volunteer from Russia, Nastja.

Besides workers also children who use services of Low-threshold facility participated in organizing of the event and we also would like to thank them.

We hope children enjoyed the day and also prizes they got (at total 70).

Soňa Mrhálková, transl. Bc. Michaela Turoňová


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