Social activation services for families with children(§ 65)


The mission of the Centre's social service Horizont  is support for families with minor children in Ostrava - Kunčičky, who found themselves in situations that cannot be handled by themselves. In addition, through the offered activities to establish contacts with users, strive for social integration and positive change in a lifestyle of children and youth in the unfavorable social situation, provide information, assistance, support and preventing their social exclusion.



Objectives of social services:

  • Prevent or reduce the social risks associated with the life of the target user group
  • Through the offered activities have better orientation in relations taking place in society
  • Creating the conditions for their adverse social situation
  • Promote the active involvement of users in a positive influence on their own adverse social situation and improve their social skills
  • Providing adequate space and conditions for users to spend their leisure time and the realization of socially acceptable leisure activities
  • Managing crisis situations in the family
  • Mitigate the adverse effects of long-term situation in the family
  • Support and assistance to families in the subsequent reintegration into society
  • Support for families so that children could stay in a natural system, better understand children's needs by caregivers and be able to adapt to change unable to cope on their own
  • Learn children to recognize when they need help and how they can find help for themselves
  • Assistance in solving specific problems formulated in the plan of cooperation (such as improving welfare and behavior of children, procurement of communication between families and institutions, etc.)


Target group:

  • Families with minor children / child whom face with difficult social situation, especially if it is a danger that this social situation could result in threats to children's development and integrity of the family,
  • families who show an active co-operation
  • Children and young people who:
  • found themselves in a difficult situation or fell at risk
  • do not seek out standard forms of institutionalized help
  • are vulnerable by socially undesirable effects


Offered services:

  • basic social counseling and information service for users
  • providing the necessary information to help solving current problems and increase user competence to address these problems
  • ensure conditions for a socially acceptable leisure activities
  • Educational, training activation activities
  • mediation of contacts with the social background (means, visits to theaters, cinemas, concerts)
  • outreach work, which forms the basic operational framework, implement specific services in order to establish mutual trust and the conditions necessary for developing contacts and providing other services
  • socio-therapeutic activities
  • training and consolidation of motor, mental and social abilities and skills of the child,
  • mediation of contacts with other professional institutions


Principles of social service:

  • service is provided free of charge.
  • respect for and protection of users' rights - social service is provided with emphasis on respecting the will, the protection of dignity, privacy and other rights of users,
  • continuity and continuity of services,
  • child's welfare is superior over all other interests, including interests of parents and is basically a primary consideration in the provision of social services