Gardening colony experience visitation of children!

Gardening colony experience visitation of children!

What does the Preschool club Horizont do every Tuesday? Go for trips!!

On 7th of June we went with children for a trip to gardening colony in Ostrava Zábřeh. Our kind worker of Preschool club Danka invited us on her garden.

Children proved to be experienced gardeners. They learnt how to recognize fruit and vegetable which were planted there. Then they planted herbs which we brought from Preschool club. They dug a hole by a trowel, put there the herb and covered it by dirt and poured it. They liked also the last activity which was the irrigation of whole garden. After their activity the garden reminded little pond and children reminded small water goblins.

After this exercise the children were hungry so they ate their snacks which their mothers carefully prepare for them and meanwhile they also dried on the sun. As a reward they got strawberries which grew on the garden.

We do not have to mention the public transport as children perfectly know how to behave in it. But it is necessary to mention our two happy volunteers from Russia Elvi and Nastja who are really responsible and we thank them. We also would like to thank Danka as she showed courage and she borrow us the garden :)