Horizont Cup

Alba and her friends

On 24th of August 2017 it was a big event in Ostrava Kunčičky: THE HORIZONT CUP, a football match with different teams from Ostrava. This event was a good occasion for me to play with children, stay with the families, get to know new people and spend good time with the Carita’s workers; I also discovered a new place in Kunčičky: a nice football pitch.

During the event I organized some games for children with other two girls. At the beginning it was not easy to understand each other but we used all of our resources… I start to speak “moje trochu česky” and they tried to speak a bit English, it was very funny but it was also very good because we improved the language and we became a good cultural team! We prepared easy game: there was a space for painted the body with special colours, the big pictures with the body for learning the different parts of it, movement games, games with balls and coloured circles. The most favourite game for children was the classic game with a rope. They jumped and jumped and jumped… Every game was funny and we spoke in English and Czech, for me it was a good occasion to teach English by game and not in formal context. For some children it was the first time to repeat the colours or numbers and for others it was the time for showing what we have learned during the activity in the Klub or during the lessons in my mini project. They were very proud of that and they wanted to help us to count during the rope game!

During the afternoon I also spoke with parents and families, I was very happy because they accepted me. I love their energy and the opportunity we are giving each other to learn new languages, discover new people and new culture. Maybe is not a big thing but when some of them want to say to me just one word in English or Italian or they want to understand why I’m in Ostrava or to explain me something about their lives or traditions, it is the best moment for me.

I would like to thank every social worker in the project for giving me the possibility to get to know the Roma Culture and especially thank to every family in Kunčičky for accepting me in their time and space!